Bigger Than Life

Time was immediately suspended when I saw the first tweet. Twitter was in a frenzy as news that Nipsey Hussle had been shot in front of his TMC store off Crenshaw and Slauson. I found myself constantly refreshing my timeline, searching for just a small relief in an already tragic situation. Because honestly, RIP Nip sounds blasphemous.

Beforehand, it seemed like one of the most beautiful days we'd had in a while. It finally seemed like we'd gotten passed the torrential downpours that had visited all winter. The sun had an unmistakeable rhythm, the type of hypnotizing cadence that floats you across the tops of the palm trees. But let me tell you, the energy shift in LA was palpable.

I was headed to meet family out in Venice but I made an impromptu right turn on Slauson instead. Nothing but bumper to bumper traffic, everybody patiently making their way to the epicenter of LA's biggest storm this year. Each vehicle solemnly blasting his entire discography.

I've never been this moved by the death of someone that I didn't know personally, but this hit hard. Initially I attributed the heaviness to his immense cultural impact on LA, the Habesha homies, and the black diaspora as a whole. But after sitting with so many emotions, I realized that it's the terrifying fact that no matter how much of yourself you give, you are not impervious to the evil that this world has to offer. Our goodness does not protect us and our light may not illuminate the darkness we come across.

But be that as it may, we should never stop trying to be good. So grateful for Nipsey Hussle's light and the fact that no matter what, he let it light up everything he touched.

Our cultural heroes aren't supposed to die.

But when the do, that loss inexplicably rings through us all.

The Marathon most definitely Continues.


Although I'm glad to see black folks refusing to take police reports at face value, please exercise your judgement and be weary of the things you're told to believe. You can hear the ideas without adhering to the ideas. Please remember that all information is not credible information and misinformation spreads faster than chlamydia on a college campus.

P.S. part 2

If you don't do nothing least stop listening to that Rizzo Islam Instagram nigga, please.

Love y'all.

Never Stop Discovering,

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