That Intuition Don't Lie, Baby.

Before we get started, I want to say:


There's a reason why something is moving you at your core. The soul can sense more than the mind, the body, and the heart combined. When it speaks, it simultaneously guides us from the past, through the present and towards the future.

I have been known to make big decisions based on gut feelings. Like deadass, I've relocated to a city 2000+ miles away from my hometown based on an intrinsic pull. Contrarily, I am also known to cling to certain situations wayyyyy past their expiration date. And let me tell y'all smh, ignoring that nudge has landed me in situations that were far too intense for my mind to quickly process and far too heavy for my heart to easily push through.

You see...there are times when we feel like we can make exceptions to going with our gut, often out of fear or due to attachment (which are like two sides of one coin if we're keeping it a stack.) Only to discover that what is to be moved will be moved regardless. As autonomous beings we have the option to embrace the movement or resist it. Awareness (or lack thereof) coupled with this decision either results in transformation or stagnation. The transformation sees itself toward change while the stagnation gradually transforms itself into pain.

Those of you who are in tune with yourselves and the world around you understand that overstaying your welcome in certain spaces and certain lives only leads to a growing (and often volatile) imbalance. We also understand that our internal compass guides us toward our destiny. Unfortunately the option to completely ignore it and play it safe is ever-present and increasingly tempting. Which is why many never fulfill their dreams and often go through life with feelings of regret.

I say all of this to say, if something is weighing heavy on you...MOVE!! Whether you're being pulled towards it or pushed away from it. Stop standing still and MOVE!

That intuition don't lie, baby.

Never Stop Discovering,

The Good-Natured Troublemaker

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