I've Been Slacking...

Let's start off with transparency and accountability:

I apologize.

Life has been moving at a faster pace than anticipated and I haven't taken the time the process it all let alone formulate it for consumption.

These last six months maintaining this blog and sharing the inner workings of my mind have been eye-opening. The amount of vulnerability I've had to embrace is unreal. However, I'm glad that you all have forced me to become more open and that openness has done WONDERS for my sensitive disposition lmao.

I write this to inform you all that I will no longer place emphasis on the blog portion of my site. I may put up a few things here and there when compelled, but the whole posting every Tuesday wave will be tremendously dialed back (as I'm sure you've already discovered.)

Be clear, this is not the end of The Good-Natured Troublemaker. In fact, it's the very beginning what this whole thing is about. There are ideas that I have to manifest and for the first time in forever, I believe that I have a genuine opportunity to facilitate said manifestation.

Stay on the look out for TGNT projects, campaigns, or whatever the hell I feel like doing at the moment. This is still OUR brand, we're just finding our new groove. Tuesdays will never change though, it's forever REAL DEEP. REAL WIDE. lil baby.

Thanks for riding along up until this point, it'll only get wilder. I hope you're ready because I sure the fuck am.

Never Stop Discovering,

The Good-Natured Troublemaker

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Inspired by Innocence.

Fueled by Discovery.