We Regret to Inform You...

Y'all ever see a potential opportunity and think "yep, that's me! *That's So Raven voice

In its essence, it's seemingly perfect. In the most serendipitous way, it solves every problem that plagues your mind. Almost like a job recruiter heard your 3am thoughts...

Aye, same.

I recently applied for a full expense paid travel scholarship to intensively study an art form in a destination of one's choosing. With food being so near and dear to my heart, I decided to explore the art of pasta making in Gragnano, Italy.

For about a month and a half I dedicated myself to perfecting my application. I acquired outstanding letters of recommendation, I developed a detailed budget, and I wrote one of the best persuasive essays of my life.

Once complete, I combed through each component at least 5 times, meticulously looking for any misstep. I wanted to ensure that the application would be undeniable once I hit submit. And after weeks of anticipation and no word on the status, I decided to reach out. The returned email began with:

"We regret to inform you..."

I immediately set my phone face down.

A number of emotions rushed my every pore and I felt ill with disappointment. My head spun as I fought to keep my composure (my goofy ass was at work lookin' CRAZY.) Unable to understand where things may have gone wrong, I forced myself to finish reading the email in hopes that it would contain the reasons for my rejection. It did not.

Over the next few days I focused on finding ways to healthily process my disappointment. I allowed myself to feel my frustration then subsequently move past it in order to maintain my confidence in my abilities. Make note, the shit still sucks. To be denied an opportunity that I worked tremendously hard for yet did not yield the desired outcome knocked me a few steps back. Can't even flex.

However, I cannot and will not stop my pursuit of opportunity.

Never Stop Discovering,

The Good-Natured Troublemaker

Update: After I wrapped up writing this I received yet another "We regret to inform you..." email at 12:14am. The shit still sucks. But I can say, picking yourself up gets easier.

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