Rico Writes: Collection 4

“Now keep in mind that I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my shit.” -Badu

April is National Poetry Month and we've decided to draw more attention to the poets, both the heard and the unheard. Putting one’s work out into the world can be daunting, but that doesn’t negate the fact that our works deserve to be appreciated.

To everyone that has been a part of this in any form, thank you. I have wanted to do something like this for a while now and the amount of love and enthusiasm y'all have show throughout has been energizing.

Never Stop Discovering,

The Good-Natured Troublemaker


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please excuse me i wrote this the other day. see I’m not a writer and probably barely even a poet but society said I’m allowed to have feelings just not show it and I’ve done been through some things and i think yal should know it so i picked up a pen and a pad and i wrote it . that's when you called me a poet Sometimes I feel weak Your a black man The image of strength Picture of resiliency The head of the house the foundation of stability If you can't do it then who can Be a man But Sometimes I'm tired Stand up straight Stop crying shake it off Men are tough Be a man But sometimes I feel defeated You preserve You are a fighter Go twice as hard And Be three times as strong You are a conqueror If you can't do it then who can Be a man But sometimes I feel weak Grab your hard hat Put on your boots Go to get dirty Be a man Be brave Don't be a Wus Be courageous Don't worry Be a leader Don't be scared Don't be weak Be a man But sometimes I feel weak Then I remember. Tired is the state of a body whose been working hard Those in the trenches are bound to get dirty Hard work comes my deep roots I'm strong from carrying generations Adversity on my back like whip marks Grandma pulls out the cocoa butter and yells it's gone be alright It's going to be alright it's gonna be alright And as my soul heals I remember Your a black man The image of strength The head of the house the foundation of stability If you can't do it then who can I remember I am a man i wrote this for every male to strong to admit it their weakness. For every male with more than just a degree on the line. for every male who wakes up everyday and grinds for their mother, sister, auntie, cousin, and older sibling. You've already defied the odds even if the best you can do is finish - Donovan Livingston

Adrianna Parague-Richards

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You got your fix. So, you don’t need me anymore, right? That’s how it goes. Months and months of no contact. While I’m craving your love, you're craving my touch. While I’m broken, you’re onto the next girl to get fixed. I used to be your fix, until I realized I was nothing special. Every girl was your fix. I thought my love could heal you. But you look for healing in every woman you sleep with. I was only but another woman, just another fix to you. I wanted to reach your soul, and love you in ways no other woman could. But, you see; you are not the first as I was not the first for you. Something in me keeps wanting to fix every man I fall for. But you by far, have been my favorite and my one and only true fix. We were each others fix, finally something we shared together.


I've never been one to follow the rules Call me a rebel, or whatever but I think my own guidelines are better Societies taboo's has been something I've always approved Because, take it how you want it, my flaws, I'm on it I don't give a fuck what you think makes me beautiful Or what you consider desirable Because in case you've forgotten, I have a brain too I can think, eat, sleep, fuck, screw however I want to Whoever I want to Your ideas as millennials in terms of monogamy is bogus You have these relationshit goals in your Twitter drafts and Instagram regrams But the shit you see on media has you so jaded so focus You think you know everything, we all think we're original Entitled, or whatever, you think you know so much but have yet to do better I'm sick of walking around like I have to please everyone I don't believe in the same shit, don't care what you do or what your name goes with I've done that shit for too long I've played the weak when inside I'm really strong, I'm pissed off and I'm ready for war But how come the only enemy that sits behind that door is always just Me It's me who I'm fighting against so why the hell is everyone else showing up Since when did I need to please you When did you decide to give a fuck Now is the time, I'm focusing on me I'm tried of walking around eggshells trying to help whoever is on the scene It's played, I'm tired, the fun is no longer there I don't care if we're friends, I rather find one In myself Since that's the person I'm gettin more shit for than anyone else So I'll fight this war, tooth and nail And I know that come hell or high water I will prevail But it's time to do this shit for me and not worry about anyone else or the in between


22/04/18 Living to live? Or Living to survive? You have a choice A harsh choice though, A choice burdened since birth A choice that can make one either appreciate or despise a reality So wonderful. So beautiful. You’re stuck here Stuck in the mud. Flailing in disgust. Instead of falling in its beauty. Wake up and see your beauty. See it’s beauty. Please wake up. And choose to live. Please wake up, and you will see


I can’t get you out of my head Can’t get Out Of My Head Over you You stick to every crevice, attach yourself from my cortex, to my doorstep Overstep Every boundary Every line Can We Fucking Align Already? I promise it’s safe to go out on a limb To center yourself, to see within Begin Try Try for me I’m ready for you Waiting wading wishing in your truth It’s safe I’m here with you



If I wait any longer I'll lose my taste. Neither of us want that Do we? The end has come and gone No gifts, none reward. I wish you were stronger I crave a bruise. Black then purple Fades to green. If only you were stronger


Some guys treat women like flowers. They see them there, thriving and beautiful, and decide to pick it to enjoy the smell, the looks for awhile, may even purchase an equally stunning vase to accentuate its attributes and put it on display... making it feel special. And the flower gets so caught up in the excitement that it doesn't think about how it's not receiving what it needs to continue growing, and it shows signs of wilting🥀 The guy may even pour some nutrients into the vase to appease the flower, once more making the flower feel special... but the inevitable truth is that the guy never intended to keep the flower long term. If he did, he would've replanted everything roots and all. But he didn't want the full plant... he simply wanted the flower for a little while.

Blake Morrison

Vaulted Atriums

What once coerced my wings to loosen,

At a time encouraged to

Free them from encapsulation.

My eyes opened with wonder.

Overwhelmed with the

Magnitude of this mansion.

Housing intricacies that I

Couldn’t manage to digest.

Words and gestures,

Movements that were

Fluid and precise.

Almost etched into

Their genetic makeup.

I clumsily

Mimicked these dances.





Until I dedicated myself to the

Kinesiology of their contortions.

Instagram: @jaylenewallick

Don’t laugh at what I explain to you.

That was value that I just shared with you.

Your ignorance is a disservice to yourself.

Leave me alone until your appreciation

Has grown.

Syd & Davaughn

Syd: Love


Syd: Live

Davaughn Leave


Davaughn lonely

Syd: longevity

Davaughn :lifeless

syd: lucky

Davaughn: lost

It wasn’t an L when you labeled her lesbian

left long lasting libraries of lifeless language

legs longing for lavish lady-like letters

linked with lust---layouts of lies

ludicrous logic

lucky me?

lucky we

likable until they see

likely learned

or probably burned

by some man

she isn’t lost

or lonesome

she’s just loudly lesbian

Syd: G


Syd: Gimmick

Davaughn: genuine

Syd: generic

Davaughn: garden

Syd: garbage

Davaughn: glittery

Syd: gloomy

Davaughn: grace-

Syd: grief

Davaughn: You labeling him gay didn’t make him garbage and he doesn’t give a got damn about how your version of god doesn’t recognize his gift in this garden. Don’t call glory to genocide to enter the glittery gates and then call him gay. for the same god that created the sun and stars perfectly crafted the galaxies that sparkle with rainbows

Davaughn: B

Syd: Blossom

Davaughn: blemish

Syd: Becoming

Davaughn: boisterous

Syd: Baptismal

Davaughn: bastard

Syd: Beloved

Davaughn: blasphemous

Syd: Blessing

Davaughn: blame


it wasn’t your bad when you labeled me bisexual

bittersweet bipolars becoming what you now call my sexuality

your bias bifocals only seeing what you want to see

you equipped with your bold backhanded comment

biweekly biographies of a woman confused

blazing with a desire for both women and dudes

bearable, your comments, but not beneficial beloved

beyond the bliss of your biblical baptismal

you fail to see

to believe

this isn't a blemish

this is my biology

Syd- T

Davaughn: Trust -

Syd: Tragedy

Davaughn: Teach

Syd: Tension

Davaughn True -

Syd: Terrifying

Davaughn: Thrive -


Davaughn: Triumph

Syd: tragedy

Davaughn: You labeling them trans didn’t make this a tragedy. that was the time you spent tearing down the love for themselves. It wasn’t no trial run when they said they were trans. for there's nothing temporary about being terrified, terrified to be different,terrified to be torn, taunted, to be trans.

Davaughn Q:

Syd: I really hope that the Q is for queer

Davaughn:and not for questioning

Syd because questioning implies

davaughn : that there's someone to answer to,

syd: that there's someone asking questions

both: as if it's anyone's business,

Syd: as if you have to figure what you wanna be

Davaughn : and how you wanna be it

Syd: as you can’t love who you love without getting questions.

Davaughn: For questions Queues a queasy feeling

Syd: Quick to define what a queen is

Davaughn but maybe I feel like a king

Syd: Quite often I quake at the sound of Quoting what qualifies as queer,

Davaughn: things that I don't want to hear

Syd: Quit quizzing me

Davaughn: Quit quantifying me

Syd: Quit quarreling with me

Davaughn: Trying to Box me in

Syd: Limiting me to a letter

Davaughn: Plus

Syd : plus you could just mind your damn business

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Inspired by Innocence.

Fueled by Discovery.