Rico Writes: Collection 3

April 17, 2018


“Now keep in mind that I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my shit.” -Badu


April is National Poetry Month and we've decided to draw more attention to the poets, both the heard and the unheard. Putting one’s work out into the world can be daunting, but that doesn’t negate the fact that our works deserve to be appreciated.


Each Tuesday in April we'll be releasing a new collection of poetry by YOU. Submissions can be anonymous but we encourage you to put your name on your work so we can show love! Submissions can be made here.


Never Stop Discovering,

The Good-Natured Troublemaker




Twitter: @picassocantdraw


Thank you to my sistas

This ones  for all my sisters in the building

Yeah I'm talking about fine melanin sisters

I'm talkin about the sisters smelling like coca butter and sweat potatoes

I'm talking about the sisters who know to co - wash their hair and only use shampoo twice a month

And I'm not talking about the regular Pantene I'm talking about the Jamaican castor oil

This for the sister who bantu knots so she can wear the twist out to class

The ones who want collard greens and Mac and cheese  

I'm taking about the sisters that will give you the neck twist and roll her eyes but still slide you the swipe to get some food

Yal know what I'm talking about

The ones that binge watched beyonces lemonade for a week

the sisters who never sleep without the bonnet

The ones that listen to baby face and genuine

I'm talking about the ones who's mother call them in the front rooms to get the remote off the other side of the couch sisters

The ones who folk think are angry but they just passionate

The ones folk think are loud but they words are too strong to be tamed.

I'm talking about the sisters feedin strong men and nourishing stronger babies

It's them sisters that's walkin around lookin like fine descendants of mother Hersey herself

And the one ones looking like a morning cup of joe with a slash of cream yal too

This one for you.
thank you
And because you don't hear it enough il say it again
Thank you




To the person I should be calling dad can you explicitly state what happened?
I wanted it stated clearly and in detail, leaving no room for any more confusion or doubt.
Where are you?
I spent my whole life looking. Looking for you to save my mama from anymore struggle and pain. Looking for a man to defend me and love me like no other.
Who are you?
I can’t figure out anything about me. I see myself and wonder what the other piece I grew from is like. I wonder if you even know I exist. I wonder so many things.
My life is in such distraught..If you aren’t ever coming in my life can you make it clear.
Your absence wasn’t as clear as you thought.




Twitter: @RachS_P_

Instagram: @aresaintspaid

I got a problem with the serial monogamous
Ima just
Stay away from this this shit is perilous
It's killin me, shorties never heal but say they feelin me
I love em up, get my money up then they go fuck me up
Now it's just lust, man I never trust this shit is serious
I'm super blunt, now I don't wanna love man I just wanna fuck
I get my shit, dig a shorty out and then I dig it in
I'm losin it, I came to rip this shit forget my illnesses
She call me back, yeah I fall right back, swear there's no harm in that
No harm in it, yeah I lost my shit swear I'm not gettin it
Am I insane
Back and forth again
Conclusion yes I am
I see the signs, you don't have to hide, our language never lied
How do I address, all this stress, you were my 5-9
Now on my 9-5, one thing I can't waste is my fuckin time
My fuckin time, time is fuckin with me shift my paradigm
A pair of dimes, in my college twin, still I don't feel shit
Stressing it, stressing this, fuck I'm stressing YOU
There ain't shit for me to do, losin it cause I'm losin you



Adrianna Parague-Richards

Twitter: @Adri_rich

Instagram: @Adri_rich



Ain’t that funny?:  I was doing just fine until you came along and took a heart that didn’t belong to you. But, now it does.




Twitter: @Foreignn_Affair

Instagram: @__ndeyefa



The world will spin

Despite the things that make

Our hearts stop

Our tears fall

Our knees buckle

The world will spin


If anything, let us

Give our experiences

The respect they deserve

Let us





Let us love

And we win

Because, the world?

The world will spin




you were different than the rest,
my perfect little piece of oasis.
the light in the endless darkness,
in my never ending abyss.

injected you into my veins,
just to have a little taste.
but you became my addiction,
& there was no other solution.
an addict,
with no chance of redemption.

gave me a high never seen before,
can't let you exit my system anymore.
took me to a place so unrealistic,
an ulterior universe unimaginative.

showed me what we could've been,
you completed my incompletion.
the yin to my yang,
a combination of peace and pain.

I saw our reflections,
together next to each other on our thrones.
I didn't wanna conquer the world anymore,
selfish, I wanted to conquer your world.

made me feel different,
in your maze, I was the golden treasure.
that stop in your heartbeat,
the gasp in your breathing.

at the end of the day,
you were all that mattered.
an addict off of your love,
hoping that it'll last forever.



Blake Morrison





Worn gravel beneath my naked feet

Brown shards of glass strewn about

Scarlet streaks reach across the path


Fear and aggression linger in the air

As I stand with caution

The moon howls back at me



Tseyon Beyene

IG: @tseyonbeyy_


The Voice Of The Ambitious Slave

In here, quick so they don’t see
The escape we’re trying to make,
We’ll be shipped of to Canada
by the large Ontario lake.

We’ve got to be quiet and careful
We’ve found our chance to be free,
Our lives right now are worthless
And that isn’t how it should be.

After crawling through this tunnel
That were made for us who were slaved.
We’ll count our blessings everyday:
Praise God! Praise God! We’re Saved!




Twitter: @_naaadjeley_

Criminal Mind

Forensics declared death at 3:33am
Blood splatters make my walls
A picasso
Work of art
Criminal masterpiece, how each droplet
Paint a different picture of death
Make my walls colorful again
I died in a white box of
Lover’s quarrel
He was a painter of heartbreak
Fled the scene paintbrush in hand
Fingers soaked in all the heart
I had left to give
Used a scalpel to dislocate
Every artery like surgical procedure
I watched him do it
Burn the severed tubes
Loved me enough to make sure
I lay pretty, make my ending less horrific
Burned one over my dead body
How cynical
He was sinister
Observant of all my weakness
Made my knees cave to the floor
In submission
How can betrayal feel so damn good?
Didn’t even bother to clean my remains
He wanted the world to know how foolish I am
To trust a killer
That would never be caught red handed
With his belt buckle hanging
He enjoyed killing me
Watching me squirm
Was his dark twisted fantasy  
Law protected him
I am the only one who saw punishment
That is how the game works
The lover who kills first
Always flees and finds redemption
In another victim
My burial is in two weeks
He will pay his respects, offer my family
Condolences for my last breathe
That he stole
Wrap his arms draped in homicide
Around my mother
Shake my father’s hand with the same palm
He slaughtered me with
He gaze at my tombstone with pride
I am now another collector’s item
Marveled at the gallery of hearts he created
Investigators searched, and searched, and searched
Couldn’t find the only organ that kept me alive
I am lost in this white box, of lover’s quarrel
Coroner examined, could not comprehend
How this could be love
Forensics declared death at 3:33am
Suspects are yet to be found
The world will never know
How love killed me

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