Rico Writes: Collection 2

“Now keep in mind that I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my shit.” -Badu

April is National Poetry Month and we've decided to draw more attention to the poets, both the heard and the unheard. Putting one’s work out into the world can be daunting, but that doesn’t negate the fact that our works deserve to be appreciated.

Each Tuesday in April we'll be releasing a new collection of poetry by YOU. Submissions can be anonymous but we encourage you to put your name on your work so we can show love! Submissions can be made here.

Never Stop Discovering,

The Good-Natured Troublemaker

Lenny Carlyn

Twitter: @celenerd

Instagram: @celenerd

come come as you are in your morose spirit and tethered optimism lay your head down on this pillow of armistice show me show me your deepest root of solitude and let me do the rest i will gladly take your weary load i will proudly surrender myself to your self loathing i will willingly set you free from the paroxysm of your downfalls tell me tell me what i need to do in order to help guide you to the land of peace and promise lament to the skies before you watch how your deepest fears come crumbling down i am with you cry if you need to stay if you want to i’m not leaving come come as you are in your morose spirit and tethered optimism i am here waiting

Robell Okubamichael

Twitter: @rxbell

The Attic I’ve heard stories about this place Mixed reactions but who can you really believe How can you go south when you walk up those stairs... In the same direction where kingdom comes, so what wrong has it done? Yes, I’ve heard those travelers rarely ever come back... But how do we know if they’re not enjoying their stay? I can close my eyes to transcribe my pain to seek its healing But can you guarantee it will disappear when they open? I don’t want to be stuck but I’m already stuck My spiritual faith is strong but the physical presence is realistic If it can elevate me for a short time , it will make up for the lost time The warmth welcomes me with open arms while the cold reminds me who I really am. No emotion is greater than the other Every amount of joy is countered with the equal amount of sadness If I love this feeling too much, I will be devastated when it’s gone. I rather it let create an illusion then hope for a dream. That way I can live it and not hopelessly seem Maybe I’ll come down the attic and tell my stories... But why would anyone leave a place that is so reassuring?

Mar Gray

Twitter: @IamMarGray

Instagram: @IamMarGray_


No More Worrying I can no longer worry About who used to quote unquote love me Who never loved me in the first place The men who offered false love And I was naive and gullible enough to accept it I can no longer give time to people Who only loved me when no one else was looking Who wanted to keep our love a secret Not because it was our hidden treasure But because they were ashamed of what we made together I can no longer foolishly hold onto any of that Or any of the individuals represented here I need both of my hands free To receive myself To receive actual love To hold onto all the good things that are meant for me carry


would i be able to seduce you? with these almond eyes, and sun-kissed skin. would i be able to seduce you? knowing that i crave you till the very end. would i be able to seduce you? a saint for this fallen angel. would i be able to seduce you? tempting you to dance with me in the night would i be able to seduce you? daring you to kiss my red lips.. would i be able to seduce you? to have you fall for me like no other.. for i have already fallin' from the heavens, have become a born sinner. would i able to seduce you? or will i be the temptation that you override..

Adrianna Parague-Richards

Twitter: @Adri_rich

Instagram: @Adri_rich


Was I wrong for loving you? Or any man before you? Every man used for me sex that I tried to love. I was tired of getting on my knees for a boy who didn’t even know how to use his tongue. Not to stimulate me physically, but emotionally. You couldn’t vocally love me, so you didn’t deserve to physically love me. That’s not how it works. Sex became a drug for me. When I was in pain, I would find the closest man to fake love me until he reached his climax. And then, that was it until the next time I was in pain. I needed healing, not sex. I needed God, not sex. I needed love, not sex. I needed... you so what did you need?

Blake Morrison


Lone in the field

You stood tall

The breeze swayed your petals

Dancing to God’s breath

You were an emperor amongst peasants

Modestly exercising your reign

Head adorned with soft jewels

Your beauty made the sun feel inadequate

The moon whispered your praises

The earth stood steady

I yearned your eternal presence in mine

But you were far too precious to be disturbed



i have to have all of you i need more than your three dimensions tell me you want all of me does it scare you that there may be someone else? someone who isn’t me and someone who is not you does it bring you to your knees the same way that visions viciously ripping wild across my mind of you so easily bring me to mine the same way that vicious visions of lusting lightly over someone who isn’t me or you does how can i have all of you? trembling isn’t it because even if we both want each other there will be someone(s) who can’t bare to stand it let them fall i need you more


I’m tired Tired of these visions Get these feeling off of me If I end up being just another being I’ve lost me Man I’ve lost Man I’m lost Welcome to my vision A vision I hope is never lost So you feel my ambition Feel my wishes Wish my wishes On you On me Why is life so vicious on me? On my psyche Never want my kids to ever go bed hungry Never want to be a product of society Never lose touch with reality Life’s the shit and it’s mine Life’s a bitch but she’s fine Oh she’s fine I just want to hit it from behind But why the fuck you filled with all these lies? Man I’m fine Just stop with all these lies


Twitter: @_naaadjeley_

This is How Black Boys Evaporate Black boys have always called Sky home Nestled in pillows of clouds Blankets of hiding places Home hide them From flesh eaters Who rest easy Full belly Black boys have always been a delicacy Sweet sacrifice There is no ground for the hunted So they float Till momma sky swallows them all Black boys have always loved to fly Vaporize with change of season Vanish by loaded clip Like magic Call empty graves their homecoming Stunning how black boys shine Make stratosphere look so golden Black boys have always taken space Clouds are more cumulus than ever Sun gets dimmer by day World bathes in midnight It's so dark here Black boys have always showered blessings Reason why Spring brings new beginnings They be true embodiment of rebirth Seeping into wilting flowers Rested on their memorials Tombstones inscribed with their names Find voice in the rain Speak their stories once again The soil is drowning in tears Flooding the streets with remnants Of boyhood we will never resurrect Black boys have made the Earth cry Reason why we mourn today This is how black boys evaporate Recycle through our breathe Then vanish again Black boys have always been fleeting


Twitter: @picassocantdraw

Black Excellence Black excellence is perseverance Black excellence is versatility black excellence is innovation black excellence is bold is daring is special it commands attention when it walks in a room it is silent in volume but loud in presence you won’t hear her coming but you’ll see her when it walks in I don’t know why i called black excellence a her but lets be real if it was person we all know it’d be a fine sista but thats besides the point Black Excellence is unique creative magical Its like the greatest thing I’ve ever felt you know it's like finding 5 dollars while doing someone elses laundry Thanks grandpa black excellence is just this laughter joy food its coming together and enjoying ourselves. Black excellence is music fashion trend setting black excellence is the most known secret theres no written code or manual Black Excellence is no one said a word but we all got the message its the fun, 6 cousins in one room at grannies house and 3 hour church services or it could be the fruit magnets on the fridge Black excellence is all that and a bag of chips but black excellence isn’t perfect black excellence has black on black crime black excellence has colorism its has underfunded schooling with broke down buses it doesn’t have clean water in Detroit or electricity in puerto rico it gets paid 63cents on the dollar for the same work then getting called lazy from our imperfections is where you learn the true meaning of black excellence black excellence gave us answers when we had doubts it wasn’t derived out of out need for survivability but it is evident in our incredibility it is where we are and where we are going it is both a master piece and a work in progress It gave us harriets vision when we had no sight it gave us reverend Dr. King when they called us second class citizens it gave us sojourner truth, rosa, angela davis, it gave us langston hughes, thurgood, barrack obama douglas, ali, ella baker, w.e.b du bois Black excellence gave us a way when they wrote us away they counted us out . when they took fred hampton, huey p newton, MLK and X when they wanted separate but equal when they stole our innovations, our trends, when they took black wall street when they gave us voting suppression war on drugs and mass incarcerations we gave them back excellence Black excellence is perseverance Black excellence is versatility black excellence is innovation black excellence is bold is daring is special it commands attention when it walks in a room it is silent in volume but loud in presence you won’t hear her coming but you’ll see her when it walks in

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