On My Desk: Nice For What


Aubrey Gahhdamn Graham.

So there are three things that I’d like to unpack from this one song.


This guy can’t miss. He knows what sounds good. He knows what rides. Hell, he made a D4L reference. Most importantly, he knows what his audience wants even when we don’t know we want it. He has a formula and it is flawless.


He amplifies cultural music. Many call Drake a culture vulture but I beg to differ. He has an immense appreciation for music that is typically contained in concentrated cultural circles. It’s apparent that he doesn’t just hear it...he listens to it, he studies it. Once he familiarizes himself with the unique wave as carefully as he’s familiarized himself with his own heartbeat, he amplifies it. He uses his platform to catapult a niche sound to the world stage, inevitably paving the way for artists within. The formula’s benefit extends further than Drake, and as I have stated...the formula is flawless.


Summer ‘18 is the Season of the Shawty. No doubt. No question. Nice For What is an anthem for all the women that can’t be concerned with the imposed niceties of being a palatable lady. The notion that woman must always be polite in the face of unwanted advances is trite. And it looks like the summer will be run by the unbothered women y'all love to hate. Tough. We gotta be nice for what to these niggas?

-The Good-Natured Troublemaker

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Inspired by Innocence.

Fueled by Discovery.