Don't Call Me Queen

"You're so beautiful Queen, your energy is so dope. Like your lips so sexy, you don't know what I would do to you."

*record scratch*


Let's run this back: so you romanticize my energy (which you are unfamiliar with) and then immediately segue into sex?

Within 15 seconds (I have to reread it a few times because you wild) I am instantly put off. It makes me wonder if you're calling me Queen because you actually view me as an reverent being, or because it supposed to make me swoon?

Is me being a Queen contingent upon how you view me or is it based on who I truly am, flaws and whole? Because, let's be honest...if I'm unresponsive to your advances, it won't be long before I'm a bitch.

My reluctance to being called Queen is not because I'm fickle, it's because your intentions are unclear.

Yes, some women enjoy being called Queen; I honestly don't even mind depending the person. But when one woman does not mind being called Queen and another woman does...simply respect both choices. Believe it or not, there is no universal formula for interacting with women.

And peep game, I can hear you rolling your eyes on the other side of your dirty ass screen saying "It's not that deep..." Well if it's not that deep, it shouldn't be a difficult concept to grasp...unless you have no intention or desire to grasp it.

So pardon us if we'd prefer to be called our names until we notify you otherwise.

-The Good-Natured Troublemaker

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Inspired by Innocence.

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