The 5 A's of Moving Tf On

Let me start by saying:

Closure is absolutely necessary. Whether it be a relationship, a job, a location etc.; any time a considerable life shift is made, it's important that we take the time to understand the necessity and purpose of that change. Knowing that our unresolved past can often hold us back, closure is what truly prepares us for what's coming next.

Particularly with relationships, closure is best done when everything is laid out on the table by both parties. Insight, realization, and acceptance help facilitate this healing process.

Unfortunately, closure doesn't always come in a pretty little package. These are the times when you must conduct the healing process on your own seeing that you can't force someone to sit down and bare soul...and you should never wait on someone to give you the okay to move on.

The 5 A's of Moving Tf On

1. Acknowledge how you feel

Just keep it a bill. Allow yourself to feel each and every emotion that stems from the situation. Be kind to you. Don't judge yourself for how you feel. Just let those feelings flow freely.

2. Ask yourself where those feelings are coming from

Cry. Scream. Laugh if you must. Be brutally honest about those tough feelings. Take the time to reach into them and gain some understanding. Just refrain from suppressing.

3. Accept that the situation is no longer serving you

Be honest about the benefits/drawbacks of being in the situation. Are you uplifted, are you complacent, do you feel down? Are you staying for the passion or the routine?

4. Alter your interaction

Hey. I'm a huge proponent for doing whatever the hell you have to do to move on. If you can't look at that mf tweet about what they had for dinner, mute them. If you don't want any interaction at all, block them on EVERYTHING (email included lmao.) No one is entitled to access to your life, you have free reign to cut that weak shit off.

5. Adapt to life without...

I can't stress how critical it is to be hella patient with yourself. Closure is not a rushed process. It takes time and consistent effort. Focus less on the when and more on the what/why. Be intentional with your actions and resist the temptation to disrupt your healing process.

Adhere to these steps and with each day you'll feel just a tad bit lighter. The pain you feel is indicative of the healing that is occurring, don't speed past it. Feel it. Embrace it. That dull hum will transform into a glow and before you know it, you'll have moved on.

-The Good-Natured Troublemaker

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