God Bless Those 20 Somethings

I wrote this jawn back in October when SZA dropped Ctrl. I was unsure of so many things. Shit, I still am. However, right now life is dancing with me in ways that I couldn't have imagined. So this piece is for us. The 20 Somethings.

And it's for uncertainty.

The 20s are

for making decisions

and not fully understanding the outcomes.

They are

for driving 4+ hours

in search of that one moment

that may only last 4 minutes.

Your 20s are

for wandering into situations

and praying that you'll get out unscathed.

My 20s have been

getting lost while

there's still light in the sky

and still not finding my way once night falls.

Our 20s are

the sounds of mutual silence,

the quiet focus that

is guided

by the trials that we face

yet rarely speak of.

It is

misunderstanding and confusion,

it is misdirection and chaos.

Patience may be scarce

but determination is

etched into our bones.

We sigh, we cry,

we hurt, and we fucking fail.

And when others doubt us,

shit even when we doubt ourselves,

we manage to show up and surpass

every imaginable expectation.

-The Good-Natured Troublemaker

Tori Collins Headshot.JPG

Inspired by Innocence.

Fueled by Discovery.