Your Roadblocks Are Not My Roadblocks

“My first demo tape I played for my uncle, he said “Nigga, get out! You never gon' be better than LL Cool J. Now, LL Cool J is a bad muthafucker… I’ll just leave that alone.” -Jay Z

As if Jay Z was aspiring to be likened to Ladies Love Cool J...we'll leave THAT thought alone too lol.

The mere fact that Jay's uncle had the audacity to suggest that the Lip Licking Legend's success was unattainable is bothersome enough. However, make note that this is more indicative of his uncle's self-perception than Jay Z's talent.

It is important to understand that what others believe you can achieve is correlated to the things they believe can be achieved for themselves. This is a concept that is critical for anyone who decides to push beyond/away from what is expected of them.

If someone refuses to place limits on their goals, they will push you to chase your wildest dreams. On the adverse, if someone believes that their dreams are far-fetched, they will be enthusiastic about doubting you.

There are those in our lives that do not have time to dream. Those that have forgotten how powerful the mind is and refute any attempt to exercise one's imagination. They stand with rocket launchers, ready to shoot down anything that they deem "unrealistic".

Because of this, our mindset must be:

Your roadblocks are not my roadblocks. The things you have allowed to hold you back may slow me down but they will not stop me.

Understand that when you come to me suggesting that I be more "realistic", I cannot comprehend your uninvited recommendation. No matter how you phrase it, your idea of who I should be is no where near who I will be.

We might take detours, we may even have to reroute...but we cannot, and we will not stop pushing forward.

-The Good-Natured Troublemaker

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Inspired by Innocence.

Fueled by Discovery.