The Urban Theme (Intro)

By now, I hope that you've put two and two together and recognized that this blog is inspired by a true neo-soul pioneer. Even though Maxwell's Urban Hang Suite came out a year after my Earthly debut, 12 year old me formed an inexplicable connection with the album. The groove of Ascension hummed through my body and it forever changed the way I listened to music; I learned how to feel it.

This is where our most intimate thoughts can be traded. Posts may not be appropriate but they will always be honest as we keep in mind that growth is not born in the midst of dishonesty...and we're trying to expand lil baby. With that being said, the goal for all of us that chill in The Suite is to walk away with a few answers and a host of new questions.

This is not a niche blog. So let's go ahead and get those "what is your blog focused on" inquiries out of the way now. We will be discussing topics and ideas that span across a variety of subjects. Because of this, I decided to break The Suite down into categories. Each one serves a specific purpose and allows us to easily navigate related conversations. Think of Chicken Soup for the Soul with a dash of steez.


Life, love, confidence, consciousness and society from the perspective of a millennial black woman.


It is imperative that you CHOOSE to be better than you were yesterday. Change is inevitable, but growth is intentional.


Analyses of the practices that are so ingrained in black culture that we often go through the motions, completely unaware of the significance.


Some lessons are learned after a few months, some are learned after a few years. Oddly enough, 9 year old Tori has given 22 year old Tori more advice than anticipated.

On My Desk

Getting a library card was one of the best decisions I made in 2017, online articles cure my boredom, and NPR Radio helps me fall asleep at night.


I write pretty shit on occasion.


Music keeps me going and my Spotify playlists are my safe haven.

Dirty Talk

Talking about food is exciting but with the right storyteller and the perfect's damn near erotic.

Apt. 39 In college, my apartment was home to some of the most random and insightful discussions. For those posts that don't quite fit into a category...long live Apt. 39

So this is your formal invitation to Rico's Urban Hang Suite. Go ahead and spin my meticulously curated Spotify playlist. Grab a glass of wine or a cup of tea. Jump into my thoughts and don't be afraid to share your own. You comfortable? Let's kick it.

Never Stop Discovering

-The Good-Natured Troublemaker

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Inspired by Innocence.

Fueled by Discovery.