Her Cultural Quest

During my first trip abroad, I fell in love with the unfamiliar and I've been chasing that love ever since. Stop by this page to see what city I'm in and what kind of trouble I'm causing. With exciting visuals and a semi-reliable way to stay up-to-date on my location, you'll definitely be able to witness her cultural quest.
Where the hell is Tori?

Los Angeles, CA

January 04, 2018

All great LA trips begin and end with In-N-Out.

Upper Peninsula, MI

October 14, 2017

The whole phrase "Pure Michigan" is 100% facts. I live near Lake Erie, so seeing the bottom of a body of water is a completely foreign concept to me. 

Hit the pic to the left to check it out!

Washington, DC

August 17, 2017

Forgot to take a picture again. However you can click the picture of Rico to the left for a cool video :)

My time in D.C. can be described in two words: mumbo sauce. Enough said.

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Her Cultural Quest was the beginning. My love for sharing my stories, my love for travel, and my insatiable appetite for discovery. HCQ was the spark for it all. 
In the process of revamping my brand, I decided to merge Her Cultural Quest into The Good-Natured Troublemaker. Although I no longer actively use the blog, you can still take a look at it in the link below.